12th PNHRS Week can now be viewed online

  • by Jake Olsim
  • Sep 10, 2018
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TITLE OF SESSION (SATELLITE EVENTS)                                                                                                           LINK                                                    

14th National Medical Writing Workshop and 17th Writeshop for young Researchers

Communication Campaigns: Designing Effective Collateral https://bit.ly/2N21DyD
Preparing Young Researchers Towards Social Innovation in Health https://bit.ly/2x14Xir
Consultation on the Regulations on the conduct of Clinical Investigation of Medical Devices https://bit.ly/2Qiq34H
RAMC Meeting https://bit.ly/2Qiq34H
Research Presentation (Professional Category) https://bit.ly/2wX5Vgy
Research Presentation (Student Category) https://bit.ly/2CDEeyF
SOME Session https://bit.ly/2MeiF7m
Technical Evaluation of DRRM Proposals https://bit.ly/2CEprDU
Translating Research into Policy https://bit.ly/2QiuOvi
Understanding Data Privacy Act https://bit.ly/2O8teuE
Updates on Ethics https://bit.ly/2QjwkgP
Welcome Dinner https://bit.ly/2O4av3l
Opening Ceremonies https://bit.ly/2O3sCX5
Tongtongan 1 : Research and Innovation for Equity in Health: Experiences, Issues, and Challenges https://bit.ly/2wTfzAX
Parallel Session 1: From research to public health programs – Forum on Sexual reproductive health, HIV, Teenage pregnancy and mental health https://bit.ly/2wWm45a
Parallel Session 2 – Governance and Equity in Health https://bit.ly/2O3rQt9
Parallel session 3 – Assessment of the TK Documention Program based on WIPO recommendation  https://bit.ly/2N1fO71
Fellowship Night https://bit.ly/2oSXxdF
Tongtongan 2 : Strengthening research program of HEIs and RDIs, practices and rewards https://bit.ly/2MY6p02
Closing Ceremonies https://bit.ly/2MY6p02
Exhibit Area https://bit.ly/2MfPyAz
Registration Area https://bit.ly/2QjwhSb

To view the live interviews with the health research experts, click https://bit.ly/2x15u3V



Jake Olsim