CRHRDC conducts Writeshop Phase 1; capsule research proposals generated

  • by Carlson Dave Bolinto
  • May 23, 2017
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Responding to the call to generate research proposals, researchers from the different member institutions of the Consortium participated in the Phase I Writeshop focusing on Capsule Research Proposal Development held on the 18th and 19th of May, 2017 at El Cielito Inn, North Drive, Baguio City. This activity is a joint effort of the Capability Building Committee (CBC), Ethics Review Committee (ERC), and its lead working group, the Research Management Committee (RMC) of the Cordillera Regional Health Research and Development Consortium (CRHRDC).

The writeshop focused mainly on establishing an interdisciplinary collaboration of the mentors and the researchers in the conduct of capsule and detailed research proposals. Engr. Nathaniel Lubrica (Chair, Research Management Committee) introduced the Consortium and gave the overview of the activities of the said event. He was also responsible for the discussion of the guidelines in funding researches. The pool of mentors present during the writeshop are as follows:

Dr. Erlinda Palaganas (Chair, Capability Building Committee, CRHRDC; UP Baguio)
Dr. Eleanor Cuarte (Chair, Ethics Review Committee, CRHRDC; BGHMC)
Engr. Nathaniel Lubrica (Chair, Research Management Committee, CRHRDC; UC)
Ms. Marian Sanchez (Member, CRHRDC – RMC; Luke Foundation Inc.)
Prof. Celia Austria (Member, CRHRDC – ERC; UP Baguio)
Prof. Ruth Batani (Member, CRHRDC – RMC; BSU)
Prof. Marilou Saong (Member, CRHRDC – CBC; UB)
Dr. Lloyd Orduna (Member, CRHRDC – ERC)
Dr. Ellaine Velasquez (Member, CRHRDC – RMC; BGHMC)
Ms. Lilia Say-awen (Member, CRHRDC – ERC; DOH-CAR)

Presentations of the initial and revised capsule research proposals were conducted by the researchers to which the mentors offered their substantial suggestions and recommendations. Some of the participants imparted their inputs to studies they are familiar with as well. Consultations between the mentors and researchers were done during breaks. Ms. Marian Sanchez, Prof. Ruth Batani, and Ms. Lilia Say-awen facilitated the discussions of the plenary.

The responses received by the participants challenged them to further develop their current capsule research proposals. The mentors likewise encouraged the participants to improve their studies in preparation for the Phase II Writeshop: Detailed Research Proposal Development in June.  

Listed below are the Capsule Research Proposals generated by the researchers which were evaluated by the mentors:


MENTOR/S: 1. Prof. Celia Austria 2. Engr. Nathaniel Lubrica
Designing and Innovating a Portable Dental Unit: Alternative Oral Health Care Delivery Service to the Underserved Communities    
PROPONENTS: Ian Bandaay Cresente Jr. Colorada

MENTORS: 1. Prof. Rona Abul 2. Dr. Erlinda Palaganas
Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Health Workers in CAR regarding Mental Health    
PROPONENTS: Anna Elaine Cayad-an Mary Joyce Pojas

MENTOR/S: 1. Prof. Celia Austria 2. Dr. Lloyd Orduna
Ethnoparmacological Survey of Medicinal Plants Used for Wound Healing among the Ayangans in Ifugao    
PROPONENT: Marie Ann Galvez

MENTOR/S: 1. Prof. Celia Austria
Phytochemical and Pharmacologic Evaluation of Selected Medicinal Plants Used by Karao Tribe of Karao, Bokod, Benguet, Philippines    
PROPONENT: Rhoda Lumang-ay  

MENTOR/S: 1. Dr. Ellaine Velasquez 2. Dr. Erlinda Palaganas
Vision Health Status of Public Elementary Learners in Baguio: Prevalence Estimate and Stakeholders’ Perspectives Towards Policy and Program Enhancement    
PROPONENTS: Madlon, Racquel Sanchez, Marian Tondagui, Amites Manas, M. Valdez, M. Coleman, Myriam  

MENTORS: 1. Dr. Nicolas Gordo Jr. 2. Ms. Marian Sanchez 3. Dr. Ellaine Velasquez
Developing Community Based-Preventive, Promotive and Rehabilitative Program for Post-Stroke Survivors      
PROPONENTS: Norenia Dao-ayen Genevive Antonio Cheryl Danglipen

MENTORS: 1. Ms. Lilia Rose Say-awen 2. Engr. Nathaniel Lubrica
Post-Disaster Induced Domestic Violence of Identified Barangays in La Trinidad, Benguet  
PROPONENTS: Angelica R. Wagang Virginia Helen Palome

MENTORS: 1. Dr. Eleanor Cuarte 2. Dr. Lloyd Orduna
Demographic and Anthropometric Predictors of the Causes of Low back Pain    
PROPONENT: Dr. Alfred Vinluan  

MENTORS: 1. Prof. Marilou Saong 2. Prof. Ruth Batani 3. Engr. Nathaniel Lubrica
Bioremediation of Endosulfan in the Agricultural Fields of Buguias, Benguet using Pseudomonas aeruginosa  
PROPONENTS: Maylowen C. Pescador Garry B. Panaten

MENTORS: 1. Prof. Celia Austria 2. Dr. Erlinda Palaganas
Indigenous Based Health Care Practices in CAR    
PROPONENTS: Ervina Luisa Campus Mary Rose Catapang

MENTORS: 1. Dr. Ellaine Velasquez 2. Dr. Eleanor Cua
An Assessment of the Impact of RA 10068 on the Soil and Water Quality of Vegetable Gardens and Morbidity among Farmers and their Families in Buguias and Tublay    
PROPONENTS: Prof. Romeo Dizon Kizel Cotiw-an Jeno Rey Pagaduan Prof. Celia M. Austria


Carlson Dave Bolinto